Corporate Trade Services

cGrate offers a wide range of solutions for corporate customers, these corporate customers being financial institutions, retailers, government institutions and non-governmental organizations.

These solutions range from mobile banking, agency banking, bulk payments, bulk voucher distribution, merchant payments, custom payments projects, integration into the National Financial Switch to USSD and SMS aggregation.

Bulk Funds Transfers

cGrate’s Bulk Transfers service allows businesses to transfer funds to mobile money accounts and bank accounts in bulk in one go and in real time. This covers all mobile money operators as well as all banks in Zambia. Bulk Payments could be salaries for farm workers or general supplier payments.

Bulk Electronic Voucher Distribution

Our Bulk EVD service allows businesses to process airtime and bill payments in bulk, this could be staff data or distribution of electricity tokens to branches.

Some Key Features

Merchant Payments

cGrate understands the unique demands of businesses. Our Merchant Payments product and service caters specifically to your needs, providing a seamless and efficient payment solution.
Key Features:

  1. Multi-Platform Compatibility:
    Versatile Integration: Seamlessly integrate our Merchant Payments service across various platforms, ensuring compatibility with your existing systems. This includes existing till systems.
    Effortless Transition: Whether you operate online, in-store, or both, our solution adapts to your operational environment, minimizing disruption during implementation.

  2. Diverse Payment Options:
    Customer Convenience: Offer a spectrum of payment options, including mobile money and bank accounts, catering to the diverse preferences of your customers. cGrate offers merchant payments from mobile money accounts and mobile banking accounts.
    Enhanced Shopping Experience: Simplify transactions for your customers, fostering a positive and efficient shopping experience within your chain stores and supermarkets..

  3. Streamlined Financial Management:
    Centralized Reporting: Access centralized reports for all your outlets, providing a comprehensive overview of transactions and financial performance.
    Efficient Reconciliation:Simplify reconciliation processes with detailed transaction logs, ensuring accuracy and transparency in financial management.

USSD Mobile Banking Services

cGrate is the current supplier of USSD Mobile Banking services for various financial institutions in Zambia. We offer customized mobile banking services that are integrated into our 543 Konse Konse agent network for agency banking and merchant payments. Partners can choose to add the NFS integration as part of their mobile banking services.

USSD And SMS Aggregation

cGrate Zambia offers cutting-edge USSD and SMS aggregation services, enabling businesses to reach their customers with interactive and real-time information. Our solutions empower businesses to enhance customer engagement and improve service delivery through these communication channels.

Agency Banking

cGrate Zambia’s agency banking solutions are designed to extend financial services to underserved and remote areas through a network of agents. Our technology simplifies transactions, such as deposits, withdrawals, and transfers, making financial services more accessible to a wider audience.

NFS Integration

We are integrated into the Zambia National Financial Switch (NFS). We offer solutions that allow financial institutions to integrate their core banking systems into the National Financial Switch

Payment Projects

We offer tailored solutions for various payments projects, for example, bank to wallet and wallet to bank projects as well as connecting businesses to the payment ecosystem.

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